Wine List & Drinks

Sparkling Wines and Champagnes

Astoria Fashion Victim Sparkling Rosé, Italy 11%
A fun, fruity and easy drinking blend of Glera and Pinot Nero.
£18.95 / Glass £4.25

Prosecco Di Maria. Italy 12%
Fresh and fruity with a crisp citrus twist on the finish.

Moët & Chandon Imperial 12%
Very pale straw color with small, active bubbles, with a subtle suggestion of flowers,
vanilla, grapefruit, bread. This is a light and delicate champagne

Mumm Cordon Rouge Brut .12%
Worthy of any occasion. The new Champagne of Formula One.


Pinot Grigio La Delizia Rosé. Italy 2014. 12%
The wine of the moment! Elegant in  colour and bouquet with a soft off dry finish.     
£13.95 / 175ml Glass £3.50 / 350ml Carafe £6.75

Half bottle Whites

Chardonnay Reserva Especial Sol de Andes, Chile , 2014 13.5%
Intense aromas of tropical fruits with peach and pineapple being prominent.

Rams Leap Semillon Sauvignon Blanc, Australia, 200812.5%
A fruity wine with a bright fresh aromas and a citric style

Half bottle Reds

Cabernet Sauvignon Reserva Especial Sol de Andes, Chile. 2012 13.5%
Complex and concentrated with overtones of smoke and chocolate.

Cotes du Rhone, Chateau St Roch, France, 2012.  14.5%
This multi award winning Rhone valley wine is the perfect accompaniment for all red meat dishes.

Half bottle Champagne

Moët & Chandon Imperial 12%
Very pale straw color with small, active bubbles, with a subtle suggestion of flowers,
vanilla, grapefruit, bread. This is a light and delicate champagne


La Delizia Chardonnay Italy 2015. 12.%
Crisp refreshing dry white with a fruity bouquet. 
£13.50 / 175ml Glass £3.50/ 350ml Carafe £6.50

Cape 321 Chenin Blanc South Africa, 2015. 13%
Balanced, elegant, medium bodied wine with smooth fruits.
£13.95 /175ml Glass £3.75 / 350ml Carafe £7.00

Tempo Pinot Grigio, Australia. 11%
Aromatic and rich, a good quality wine
£14.95 / 175ml Glass £3.95 / 350ml Carafe £7.50

Sentina Chardonnay, Italy 2012. 12%
Typical light style Italian Chardonnay with soft lemon flavours and refreshing acidity.

Sauvignon Blanc, Los Pastos, Chile 2015 12.5%.
Lovely herbaceous tropical fruit flavours with a refreshing balancing acidity.

GB 23 Chardonnay, Voignier, Australia 2014. 12.5%
A combination of refreshing lemon and peaches with a soft finish.

Ernie Els Big Easy Chenin Blanc. South Africa, 2015.  13.5%
The 100% Chenin blanc offers an amazing array of tropical fruit. A hint of almonds and a sprinkle of spice adds texture and depth.

Petit Chablis, Domaine Christian Simon. France 2014 12%
From a top quality wine maker, unique qualities of freshness, finesse and depth of flavour.
£ 25.95


Pacific Heights Cabernet Sauvignon, California USA. 2012. 12%
Ripe berry fruit on the nose with herbal tones. Smooth and rounded with subtle oak flavours.  
£13.50 / 175ml Glass £3.50 / 350ml Carafe £6.50

Forge Mill Shiraz- Cinsaut-South Africa, 2013.  14%  
An exciting blend, ripe berry aromas lead to smooth juicy finish. Perfect with red meats.
£13.95 / 175ml Glass £3.75 / 350ml Carafe £7.00

Merlot Sol de Andes, Chile. 2013. 13.5%
Fresh red fruits on the nose with raspberry, plum and tobacco highlighting.
£14.95 / 175ml Glass £3.95 / 350ml Carafe £7.50

Cape 312 Pinotage, South Africa. 2013. 13%
A blackcurrant bouquet with cherry and bramble flavours with velvety tannins, a hint of spice on the finish.

Carrizal Rioja, Spain 2014. 13.5%
A delightful cherry red in colour. Aromas of red forest fruit lead to a palate that is velvety smooth and long lasting.

Cotes du Rhone, Chateau St Roch, France, 2012.  14%
This multi award winning Rhone valley wine is the perfect accompaniment for red meats.

Ernie Els Big Easy, South Africa, 2014 14.5%
A superb example of the quality coming out of Ernie Els cellar. A complex blend which gives a full body with berry fruits and a long, silky finish.

Dessert wines

Gourmandisc (Red) 12.5%  Glass £3.95

Chateau de Bern.  13%  Glass £5.50

Tretham Noble Taminga, Australia 2008. 11%  375ml Bottle £17.50

Grappa 25ml Glass

Grappa Poli Miele Honey   £3.00

Grappa Po di Poli Elegante   £3.25

Grappa Tignanello   £3.75

Grappa di Poli Pear   £3.75

Grappa di Morbida Smooth   £4.00

Armagnacs 25ml Glass

Bas Armagnac, Mousquetaire du Roy VSOP, 5 year old.   £3.50

Bas Armagnac, Mousquetaire du Roy XO, 8 year old.    £4.00

Bas Armagnac Mousquetaire du Roy vintage, 1997.    £4.50

Bas Armagnac, Mousquetaire du Roy vintage 1988.   £5.00

Whiskies 25ml Glass

Glenturret 1990 Highland.   £2.75
Malty with fresh fruit aromas, slightly floral with sweet spices and dried grass.

Edradour 10-year-old Highland.   £2.95
Sweet sherry, chocolate, fig, marzipan and vanilla with a hint of parma violets.

Benromach Organic   £2.95
Tropical fruit nose, a palate of fresh vibrant vanilla, hints of cream toffee sweetness and a sweet oaky finish.

Bladnoch 1993 Lowland.   £3.25
Sweet, floral, dry grass with a hint of spice and liquorice. Delicate and fragrant.

Aberlour a`bunadh- Cask Strength Speyside.   £3.50
Orange, cherry, dried fruit and ginger. With bitter chocolate, sherry and oak.

Ardbeg Uigeadail Cask Strength Islay.   £3.95
Peat, smoke and fire, hints of sea and iodine almost medical, very powerful.

Longrow 10-year-old Campbeltown   £4.25
Dried fruit, sweet to star then a peat smoke that overwhelms the senses.

Glen Grant 21-year-old.  £4.50
Clean with soft fruit aromas with a slight honeyed note. Spicy with vanilla pod hints, fruity of apple and grapes


2008 LBV    £2.50

2001 Vintage Taylors   £3.95

Other Liqueurs   £2.95

Draught Beers

Grolsh Lager ABV 5%
Half Pint  £1.95
Pint   £3.75

Worthington’s Bitter ABV 3.6%
Half Pint  £1.75
Pint  £3.00

Bottle and Can Beers

Becks Lager 275ml  5%   £2.75

San Miguel Lager 330ml 5%   £2.75

Stella Artois Lager 330ml    £2.75

Gnarly Fox Lager 500ml 4.5% £3.95
This golden and refreshing new age lager has an exquisite honeyed and citrus aroma

Alcohol Free Becks Lager 275ml  0.05%   £2.25

Boddingtons Bitter440ml  3.5%   £2.75

The Green Gecko No2 IPA 500ml 5%
A tropical thunderstorm of big flavours with a peppery, lemon zest finish.    £3.95

Robinsons Unicorn Black Stout 500ml 4.1% £3.95
Rich full bodied with a distinct aroma of roasted malt and chocolate.

Moorhouse’s Pride Of Pendle Ale 500ml 4.1% £3.95
A balance of malt and hops create a long, dry satisfying taste

The Purple Panther No5 Porter 500ml 5% £3.95
Dark, sticky and deeply delicious, full bodied blend of roasted coffee and toffee.

Bottle Ciders

Magners Original 568ml ABV 4.5%    £3.95

Magners Pear  568ml ABV 4.5%   £3.95

Bulmers Berry No 17 568ml ABV 4%   £3.95


Served just the way you like them, straight up, over ice, with a mixer or just a splash.

All usual Spirits
25ml Single  £2.95
50ml Double  £4.50

Baileys  50ml Single £3.50

Vermouths 50ml Single £2.95

Mixers £1.10

Splash  £0.75

Soft Drinks

Coke   £1.30

Diet Coke   £1.30

Lemonade   £1.30

J2O   £2.00

Appetizer   £1.95

Ginger Ale   £1.50

Bitter Lemon   £1.50

Tomato Juice   £1.50

Red Bull energy drink   £2.10

Fresh squeezed orange juice    £2.50

Sparkling or Still Water

Bottle £2.75
Glass £1.30


We cater for all types of allergies and most of our menu is gluten-free


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